Stephanie Wharton

Web Designer | Graphic Designer | Artist | Based in Southeast Iowa

Helping Businesses Build a Presence

My passion as a designer has always been to help businesses & non-profits build and develop their brand through design. This includes designing logos, building websites, helping create social media pages, etc.

Skills & Services

Creating and designing are two of my favorite things. I have always loved being able to come up with something in my head and make it come to life. My focus has always been a bit more digital, but I love to dabble in print, photography, animation, and art when the time calls for it.


Social Media

Print/ Branding


Motion Design

Art / Illustration

My Process 


Let’s Chat

First, let’s meet up and chat! I like to get to know who you are and what your business does. I want to find out more about your project and goals before diving in deeper.


Research & Planning

After our chat, I like to do a little research and planning of my own. I love to look for inspiration, find out more about your line of business, and how to set you apart from your competitors. 



After the initial meeting and research phase. I dive into design. This is where I start to make your project look great based on everything we discussed.


Project Review

Once I get an initial draft of your project ready we will meet back up to go over what I created for you. This is where you and I can discuss first thoughts and I can explain the decisions I made.



After our project review, I will give you some time to sit with the drafted project. This will allow you to collect your thoughts and any revisions you may see. This step can take the most time as we go back and forth with revisions.


Finished Product

After a few rounds of revisions to make the project perfect, we are ready to launch! YAY! This is where I pass over the project to you for use.

What People Are Saying…

We have been working with Stephanie for five years, and the work she has done represents our brand perfectly! I had a vision, and Stephanie made it happen with ease and precision. I couldn’t be happier with everything she’s done.

Olivia Mead

CEO, Yoga For First Responders

Being technologically challenged, I really appreciated Stephanie’s help with our web site.  She was patient and showed attention to detail.  She handled all aspects of developing our web site.  During the process of taking our new site live, Stephanie took the time to work with me and make sure I understood how to use the features of my new site.

Jim Freeman

Attorney , Freeman Kevenides Law Firm

Stephanie was essential in helping the Chamber build a website for our Bike Fairfield series. Having no experience in website builds, we were amazed by the patience and foresight that Stephanie brought to our meetings as she taught us what we needed to know.  With the information she gathered from us, Stephanie built the website from scratch and did so in an easy, relaxed manner.  I would highly recommend Stephanie as a knowledgeable, professional but friendly source for meeting your website needs.

Darien Sloat

CEO, Fairfield Area Chamber