About Me


Hi, I’m Stephanie

I am a Midwestern, lifelong resident of the great state of Iowa. I’m currently located in Southeast Iowa in a small town called Fairfield, Iowa, population 10,000. I live with my two cats in a house I bought a few years ago. I got my degree in Graphic Design from the University of Northern Iowa in 2012. After graduation, I moved to Des Moines, Iowa where I started working as a Web/ Graphic Designer. I lived there for almost 7 years before moving back closer to home. I currently work full time for a financial firm helping their Financial Professionals with their websites and marketing projects.

On the side, I do freelance work to help start ups, small businesses and nonprofits mostly within the state and local Fairfield area. Whatever the need is, I am always glad to help.

Fun Facts

Self-proclaimed cat lady. I currently live with my two kitties, Johnny & Bear.

Spend most of my free time on one of my many bicycles (road, gravel or mt. bike). One day I would like to bike across the USA.

I have sung on stage with my childhood idol, Shania Twain.

I’m a board member of the Jefferson County Trails Council

New hobbies of mine are Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) and learning to fly fish.

Love helping out nonprofits. I attend DSM Hack every year to use my talent for good.

I love to travel. I have been to 9 countries and 14 states.

I’m a bit of a thrill-seeker. Sky diving, cliff jumping, ziplining and rock climbing to name a few.

I can play both piano and guitar. Took piano lessons for 8 years and taught myself guitar. Thanks, YouTube!

My addictions include; chocolate, chips, gum, Instagram, and concerts.

My favorite holiday is Halloween! I dress up as a witch each year to hand out candy.