Pedal Art Posters


Project Description

Below is a collection of posters I have created for the Pedal Art Poster Show in Des Moines, IA over the last few years.

Pedal Art Poster Show is a fundraising event for the Des Moines Street Collective. They select 30 local artists to create limited edition bicycle-themed posters for the general public to view and buy. Part of the proceeds go to the collective and the other to the artist.

2017 Pedal Art Poster

This poster was called Iowa Pinball. I created this poster using Adobe Illustrator. The idea was to combine my passion for biking and my love of pinball machines as a little girl.

2018 Pedal Art Poster

This poster was called America by Bike. I used ink pens and watercolors to create these one-of-a-kind posters. I hand-painted and drew all 30 posters so no one poster was alike, as you can see in the image to the right.

2019 Pedal Art Poster

This poster is called The Night Ride. I created these posters using watercolor and ink and then scanning my original watercolor poster to recreate it on cardstock paper.

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