Yoga For Frist Responders


Project Details

I first met Olivia at DSM Hack, a charity hackathon that helps give non-profits free tech services. Being one of the few designers at the event. I got connected with Olivia from another participant to help design a new logo. Her current logo wasn’t one she was in love with so we discussed what she was looking for and kept parts existing logo to make this new one you will see here. 

We stayed connected after the event and she reached back out to me to have me help her design training manuals for her instructor courses. I created 3 different training manuals along with a glossary book and other print materials that accompanied these manuals. Each manual was about 60 to 70 pages along and branded with the YFFR brand. Due to content privacy, I can not share these designs publicly.

Shortly after the training manuals were complete we started to work together again to redesign her website. The current site she had lacked the branding and style she wanted to portray. She wanted something a bit more dark and rugged as her main audience are mostly tough men and women. So going off the logo I designed, I built a site that truly represented their brand and voice. I built the site in Wix as they need something that was going to be easy to update and user-friendly. 

What I Provided:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Logo Design
  • Training Manual Design
Final Logo Design
Merch with The Logo

disclaimer: did not design these, just for logo showcasing purposes

One of Three Training Manuals

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